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New Ways to Creating Change 


Art of Resetting

Resetting embraces two concepts for creating successful life changes. 

First, personal change is the creation or intimate expression that comes from the artist’s mind. You, as the artist, creates what successful change(s) will look like for you. 


Second, resetting embraces the idea that everything in life is a series of cycles and patterns including creating change! Clarity of your cycles and patterns will provide the actionable insights needed to making that change.

The Four Elements of Resetting

 Art of Resetting™ includes four elements as part of the process to create change.

Actionable Insights

Through curiosity and openness,

find your AHA (authentic honest answers) 

and AWE (awakening the willingness to engage)

as the first step to create successful Change


Use the power of imagination to experience

the details, colors, and textures

of a vision for your future


Design your environment for change

Mental Environments - Self talk and thoughts

Physical Environment - Supportive and resourceful

Social Environment - Circle of Successful Influence 


Repeated awareness and engagement of thoughts and behaviors for  desired outcome

Each step is interrelated and important to the process of change! I am here to help you develop and apply these elements to get the reset results you want!

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