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More About Ginni

Over the last three decades, Ginni has developed an understanding of the dynamics of change from Wall Street to Corporate Main Street. Her diverse background working with people gives her the breadth and knowledge in supporting her clients’ to achieve their desired changes. 


As a Change Consultant with experience in multiple industries (telecommunications, biotech, insurance, banking, investments, reorganization, consulting, construction, and technology), Ginni knows the forces that come with change whether it is in the workplace or personal.

Much of her coaching comes from her research in stress and coping and neurosciences along with her certifications in Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistics Programming. Combined with her keen interest in making a difference for one or for a group, Ginni provides a solid coaching platform for creating change.


Ginni's interest in the topic of stress and coping resulted in the development of a needs assessment called the D.O.M.A.I.N Dynamics™.  This tool helps her clients understand their strengths and weakness in meeting eight area of core needs.  Ginni helps her clients discover their AHAs (authentic honest answers) to achieve the results that they want!  

Ginni uses her 365|Reset System as part of her coaching and consulting services from one-on-one and team/group coaching to leadership coaching.

Ginni lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"When you understand the dynamics behind the change, you create successful resets!”

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